A&S at Aten University 2018

Eleven Gentles active in the areas of A&S and Scribal gathered at Aten University this past June 24th. This is an annual work-day business meeting held in our modern clothes for the purpose of all Kingdom and Group Officers to learn how to better serve the Populace in their areas of expertise.

Mistress Aoife (Ee-fa) led the discussion and provided us many useful materials to help with our offices.

Those in attendance rocked the handwork as well! Making buttons, embroidery and calligraphy.

Take aways from the class of note:

1) Kingdom A&S Competition 2018 will be held Sunday, September 30. It will be a One-Day event and the Arts Entries will be available to the populace to view. Artisans May converse with their judges and the populace about their arts.

2) After the completion of the advertising period for the position of Kingdom Minister of A&S on June 30, TRM will select a new A&S Minister. Both Mistress Aoife and Mistress Magdalen have applied for the post.

3) Atenveltus Glorious (our Kingdom A&S Newsletter) has become an online web-blog!


We are seeking articles about your art, humor, photos of your art, scientific treatises, how-to videos, Bardic and music performance videos and all things A&S!

4) Mistress Aoife is creating the

Framework for a Royal University to provide the populace a method to set and complete A&S educational goals. You may earn achievements and recognition in various A&S disciplines.

5) There will be a Judge Certification class offered at Fabric War and onward through September in an effort to teach folks how to judge A&S entries.

–Report and photos by Mistress Magdalen Venturosa


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