Highlands War Collegium 2018

Even the Monsoon Rains of the Highlands cannot extinguish the flames of learning!

The Arts and Sciences classes were on track for this year’s Highlands War Event. The classes were taught by Gentles from throughout our Kingdom and Coordinated by Christopher of Peckingham.

Christopher of Peckingham. All Photos by Monique Berry Lyon.

Lord Sebastian teaching block printing technique.

Tom Speylesinger learning metal stamping.

Lady Eleanor prepares to teach!

Brother Grimald’s last day as Bard of the Sun – he spent it in A&S classes – here for Eleanor Cleavely’s heraldry course.

Look for the next Collegium this upcoming Saturday, July 21st, at the opposite end of the Kingdom in the Barony of Mons Tonitrus at their A&S Competition.


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